Joey Sun Lounger Zenda

Joey summarizes itself as a relaxed and visually appealing outdoor furniture collection, where the main material, the wood, has a crucial and fundamental role in its setting with nature, as well as in the several exterior and interior spaces. Joey’s set of sofas, coffee tables, lounge chairs and sun loungers are well thought elements for relaxed leisure environments, making the outdoors’ a luxurious space where you can sit and lay down comfortably.


Itsuki 02/23/2018 Asahineko
Carousel 02/22/2018 Utu Soulful Lighting
Hiracle Sakura 02/21/2018 Hiracle
61140 02/20/2018 Stone island
Memory 02/19/2018 Mmairo
Aqua 02/18/2018 Velvet Sock's