Architect for Better Days Luma - Arles

As part of its guest program, the LUMA Foundation, together with Paris-based Galerie Patrick Seguin, is pleased to announce JEAN PROUVE: Architect for Better Days, a major survey exhibition devoted to the innovative twentieth-century French designer of furniture and architecture. Comprising twelve prefabricated buildings created between 1939 and 1969, this exhibition features the largest number of Prouvé's demontable construction systems ever assembled in a single location, and aims to revisit the functional side of his architecture, a focus that is as timely and relevant as ever in light of today's housing and migratory crisis.

7.00 €

Amisol 01/06/2018 Luceplan
Elephant 01/05/2018 Muzodesign
Series 430 Chair 01/04/2018 Verpan
Lingot Vanille Bourbon 01/03/2018 Glace octave
Glossier Phase 1 Set 01/02/2018 Glossier
Tip Lamp 01/01/2018 Muuto