Itsuki - Dessous de plat Asahineko

It is a pot cooker made of Nakatsugawa City Gifu Prefecture (Tsukemen) that is famous as the village of Kamiki in Ise Jingu Shiki Shrine. Local softwoods called Kiso Gozi, grown in Kiso, where the woodworking industry is prosperous against the background of abundant timber resources, Asunaro Sawara, Hinoki, Nazuko, Kojimaki. This pentagon 's "asahineko Itsuki pot litter covered" texture of each Kiso Go tree. Because of its softness, coniferous wood is a material that is easily scratched, but it seems to be able to taste a unique texture that changes as you use it. It is also light and fragrant, so you can enjoy it as an interior. Along with the flow of time, a beautiful pot-board that keeps memories and memories. Marriage, childbirth, moving, independence ...

25 €

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